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We at LIFE JUICE believe that YOU ARE WHAT YOU DRINK! so we are determined to ensure that our juices and beverages do not contain preservatives and artificial flavours and colourings.

Did you know? Pomegranates are one of the few fruits whose juice is just as beneficial as its fruit or seeds. That's because the peel, which you can't eat, contains the most antioxidants, and they are released in abundance when the fruit is squeezed for juicing. Our premium quality JALA 100% ORGANIC POMEGRANATE JUICE complies with European and USDA organic food standards and contains nothing but ripe pomegranates which have been pressed with their peel and seeds to bring all of the goodness that this amazing fruit has to offer.

Our selection of natural fruit compotes and preserves (jams) are there to please the taste buds of connoisseurs of all ages and backgrounds.  Why don’t you try today and see which flavour is your favourite? Go ahead, don’t worry, it's all natural, all of the flavours, colours and fruit aromas come from the fruit.

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